In the late 40's, Paul Ambrose poses in the Nelsen-Hirschberg Ford Spl.  Ambrose was one of the top drivers in early UARA competition.  He also competed in hot rod and early stock car action. Amborse was also the proprietor of the Flip Inn - a favorite "watering hole" of Chicago area race drivers and fans.  Behind Ambrose is (left to right) another early UARA driver Ray "Red" Boscher and car owner Frank "Ham" Lobaza, who would eventually become the director of racing at O'Hare Stadium.

(Photo from the Boscher Family collection)

Jim Gates - 1970 and 1976 UARA Champion
(Stan Kalwasinski Photo)

Ray Elliott won back to back UARA championships in 1964 & 1965 in Lou Cooper's Falcon-powered midget
(Ed Hitze Photo)

Several midgets get tangled up during a 1948 afternoon United Auto Racing Association (UARA) midget racing program at Chicago's Gill Stadium.  UARA midgets were the weekly attraction at the girls' baseball field that year with weekly short track stock car racing becoming popular later in the year.
(Bob Sheldon Photo)

The midgets use to race at the fairgrounds at Belvidere, Ill.  This 1947 photo shows the United Auto Racing Association (UARA) midgets ready to go on the Fourth of July holiday afternoon. 
(Bob Sheldon Photo Collection)

Former leading Chicago area midget racer, Warren "Newt" White passed away on April 17 at the age of 80.  A Lockport, Ill., resident, White was the 1973 United Auto Racing Association (UARA) champion.  Teaming with car owner George Holterman, he won five UARA feature races during his title-winning year.
(Stan Kalwasinski Photo)