Jimmy Snyder at Indianapolis in 1938.  Behind the tail of the car are Joel
Thorne (directly behind Snyder), who financed the operation and Art Sparks, who
built the powerful engine for the big race.

(Indianapolis Motor Speedway Photo)

1939 was Jimmy Snyder's big year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as he set a
new qualifying track record and finished second in the 500-mile race.  Snyder
poses in his No. 10, while mechanical whiz Art Sparks stands in the backgrounds.

(Indianapolis Motor Speedway Photo)

Early Chicago area racing star, Jimmy Snyder sits in his Charlie Allen-owned
midget and poses for photographer Roy L. Miller during the board track midget
races at Soldier Field in June of 1939.  A few weeks later, Snyder was killed in
a midget racing accident at Cahokia, Ill.

(Roy L. Miller Photo/Bob Sheldon Collection)

Jimmy Snyder and his son, Jimmy, Jr., pose in front of the Emil Andres & Jimmy
Snyder Speedway tavern on Chicago's southside.  Little Jimmy sits in a small
kid's-size midget.

(Photo from the Jerry Murawski Collection)