Ariel view- Bob Sheldon Photo


More than 60 years ago, open-wheel racing historian Eddie Hitze of Lafayette, Ind., 10-years-old when this picture was taken, stands alongside his favorite race car driver, Everett Saylor, in the Fall of 1941 at Indiana's Hammond Speedway.  Saylor is shown behind the wheel of the Lucky Teter (thrill show owner killed in a show accident at the Indiana Fairgrounds in Indianapolis in 1942) owned Dryer #4.  The identity of the two mechanics is unknown.  The photo was taken by Hitze's Dad, Ed Sr., who was an early racing photographer and Lafayette newspaper man.
(Ed Hitze Sr. Photo)

Buzz Mendenhall fatal crash - June 5, 1938
(Ted Knorr Collection)

Opening Day Program / Drivers' List
(Ted Knorr Collection)

Ralph Fons gets thrown out of his car during a tangle with Curtis "Cyclone" Ross at Hammond Raceway on June 4,1939 during a 10-lap consolation race.  The 20-year-old Chicago driver survived the accident.

(Photo from Wayne Adams Collection) 

Open-wheel big cars line up at Hammond Raceway for a "big car" race in the late 1930's.

(Bob Sheldon Collection)